Satire: The Origin of “So I Wrote A Thing”

In the age of digital media, things have never been so easy to write and share. Your mom might write a thing. Your boss may have written things. Even your slow-witted sibling, upon making a life decision, may decide to write a thing. And once a thing has been written, a thing needs to be shared. And so, I wrote a thing, one says. But why does that seem out of place?


Over the last month, I created a new site, Scrivler, where I’ll be mainly posting my reviews and some creative work. Looking for friends to join as well who are interested in writing about writing,… Read More »Scrivler

Hogwarts Launches New MOOC

Hogsmeade, Scotland—In a move sure to shake up the wizarding world, Hogwarts will launch it’s first MOOC (massively open otherworldly course) this year.

Toddler Delivers Commencement at Smith College

Northampton, MA—Breaking new ground in graduation, Smith College, became the first institution of higher education to have a toddler deliver a rousing commencement speech after Christina Lagarde backed out.