Single Line Soliloquy

  • I keep asking questions to my AI¬†tool, Melville, which I trained on public domain writings from the 1800s and it only responds, “I’d prefer not to.”

Return to Office or Separate from the Ministry - Innovation! Productivity! Camaraderie! As another CEO says, return to the office or separate from the company, I came across this clip from Brazil that encapsulates the perceived reality of the C-Suite quite well.


I’m a technologist, librarian, writer, and father currently working at the GBH Archives. I’ve worked in higher-ed and libraries for over 20 years.


My interests lay in fiction (literary, science fiction, and fantasy), poetry, as well as libraries, digital humanities, the outdoors, and cooking.

Blog Posts

I write about books I’m reading, libraries, and fatherhood, and share some drafts of stories and poems.