It’s 9:40 a.m. and the kids are playing in pillow forts, petting Auggie-dog, and pretending they are dragons flying. The weekend was a mix of anxiety and recharging for me. The worst part was the fears of what the future holds. The best part was hiking at Hale Reservation. Being out in nature felt glorious. Open space, sunshine, laying in a meadow amidst a former apple orchard brought a sense of relief from the claustrophobic feel of our apartment.

Now, here we are again, the workweek. I’m stressed. The kids interrupt constantly. They need attention. There’s no way to work. It sounds like everyone who has kids and two working parents is in a similar place. There is no balance here.

We have great resources from the 5yo’s teachers. But seriously, how does one implement all this stuff?

How are you doing? What challenges are you facing? How do you deal with life during the coronavirus?


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