Donald J. Trump Presidential Library


Why not install it in a floor of his new hotel, right down from the White House?

As I get accustomed to a Trump presidency, a random thought occurred to me, Trump’s going to get his own presidential library. I know it’s nothing compared to climate change, women’s reproductive rights, and bigotry. Still, it’s weird, because for the most part libraries, especially research libraries, are seen as bastions of knowledge and elitism. Presidential libraries document the record, something that Donald Trump has blatantly ignored. The National Archives and Records Administration, AKA Big Government, will then operate and run the library. And, you know, his ego won’t let him forego a Trump Presidential Library all in the name of shrinking government.

What will the Donald J. Trump Presidential Library look like? Where will it be located?

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1 thought on “Donald J. Trump Presidential Library”

  1. I can’t help but suspect that it’ll just be like trump: Gaudy, glitzy, and very much all about him. /

    As for where it will be located, well since it will likely be affiliated with a university, it’ll come down to two places, mainly because Trump attended them: Fordham University, and the U of Pennsylvania.

    Personally, I think Fordham might get the library, if only because it’s in NYC, and that’s Trump’s hometown.

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