Review: Midnight Tides by Steven Erikson

Midnight Tides was written by Steven Erikson and published in 2004.


All back story about Trull Sengar and the Crippled God.

Reasons to Read

You love this series and want to read it all. There’s a reincarnating, evil, possessed emperor.

Reasons to Skip

Did you read the synopsis? Yes, this novel is all back story. It seems that Erikson will build on it (just glanced at Wikipedia), but there’s nothing worthwhile here. Trull, minor character from previous novel, is dull. Sure, Erikson makes him more complex in this book, but the first impression has been made. The sections with Tehol Beddict are not funny, though they try to be. It’s like Erikson tried experimenting with banter. Only thing worse would be actually explaining jokes. Hahaha, laugh here. Did you get it? Heavy-handed allegory for capitalism? The kingdom of Lether is the most capitalist, cut throat nation in the series. Everything revolves around gold and debt. Erikson misses the opportunity to write something smart and subtle.

What to Wear While Reading

An invisible cloak.

Food and Drink Pairing

Thin tea and saltines.

If J.D. Salinger Wrote This Book

He would’ve never published it.

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