Review: Fatherland – Robert Harris

In Fatherland by Robert Harris, Germany won WWII and is now locked in a cold war with the United States. The novel follows a police detective, Xavier March, as heĀ investigates a man’s death in this alternate reality.

The novel is extremely fast-paced and reads like a thrilling movie. By discovering the man’s identity, March uncovers hints of a deeper secret and conspiracy. German history, as written by the victors, makes no mention of what happened to the Jews. Officially, they were shipped east to work camps in Russia. In this alternate Germany during the 1960’s officially does not always match up with reality. Germany is in a never-ending war with Russian partisans, the German settlers wish to come back, and rebellion bubbles beneath the surface.

What will the government do in order to keep the Holocaust covered up? As March is about to find out, they’ll do whatever it takes.

Fatherland was published in 2006 and is available through Amazon.

Tim Lepczyk

Writer, Technologist, and Librarian.

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