First MOOC Accredited Degree: Masters in Computer Science at Georgia Tech

CrunchU, you’re now below the fold.

Georgia Tech teamed up with Udacity and AT&T to offer the first accredited masters degree in computer science through MOOCs. In terms of pricing, they’re still testing the market, but the magic number appears to be below $7,000. If you’d like to read the official press release, you may do so here.

What do you think accreditation and tuition will mean for MOOC attrition rates? Does $7,000 seem like a fair price? What’s your perspective on this latest move in MOOCs?

Tim Lepczyk

Writer, Technologist, and Librarian.

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  1. How much I would pay would depend on another question: Would you hire? When a number of companies needs an I.T. manager and looks at one of these degrees and says, “That’s good enough for me,” then we’ll have a better sense of their value.

    Robert McGuire
    Editor, MOOC News and Reviews

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