Bill Moyers Documentary, Rosedale: The Way It Is (1976)

Arkansas was trending on Twitter. Usually, that’s never a good sign. I clicked to see what it was about and that led me to this tweet. The racism on display was disgusting. The hurt of the children was heartbreaking. I could imagine my own kids’ distress and trying to grasp and understand how someone could be so hate-filled and hurtful.

I wondered where the video came from. That brought me to this article from the NY Times “A Racist Attack on Children Was Taped in 1975. We Found Them.” Discovering it was shot for PBS as a Bill Moyers documentary, I searched our archive and found the undigitized record. Then, I discovered the complete documentary is available on Vimeo. I need to update the record in the Archive to link out to this. For now, though, I’m still recovering from watching the pain and hurt.

Tim Lepczyk

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