Understanding Your Boomer Parents Thanks to the American Archive of Public Broadcasting

This 1964 documentary, Young Americans, from The National Educational Television and Radio Center, had a simple goal: help your grandparents understand their kids. Now, you can watch it to understand your Baby Boomer parents.

Many top sociologists and psychologists who have studied American youth say that never before have of our young people felt so confused – confused about what to believe in – about what society wants them to do and to be. To them the world and its problems lock impossibly complex and bewildering. And so they retreat into dreams of private things: financial security – a home in the suburbs – a /’beer and a ballgame.’ This is a troubling fact in a society that is counting on these same young Americans to solve the enormous problems of life in the twentieth century. It is even more troubling because no challenge has yet been found that would seem to inspire most young Americans to see beyond themselves to a world which desperately needs them…”


Which generation does that describe?

Tim Lepczyk

Writer, Technologist, and Librarian.

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