Ed Tech Trends, January 30th, 2013

College Degree, No Class Time Required” by Caroline Porter, Wall Street Journal

Wisconsin officials tout the UW Flexible Option as the first to offer multiple, competency-based bachelor’s degrees from a public university system. Officials encourage students to complete their education independently through online courses, which have grown in popularity through efforts by companies such as Coursera, edX and Udacity.

The Object Formerly Known as the Textbook” by Jeffrey R. Young, Chronicle of Higher Education

Textbook publishers argue that their newest digital products shouldn’t even be called “textbooks.” They’re really software programs built to deliver a mix of text, videos, and homework assignments. But delivering them is just the beginning. No old-school textbook was able to be customized for each student in the classroom. The books never graded the homework. And while they contain sample exam questions, they couldn’t administer the test themselves.

The eTech Student Technology Project Initiative at The University of California-Irvine

The Educational Technology Initiative Advisory Committee is pleased to present a new opportunity for students: the Student Technology Project Initiative (STPI).  STPI is an initiative to allow undergraduate students to develop real-world projects that address an educational issue on-campus.  Selected projects will qualify for funding made possible by the Educational Technology Initiative.

Want Better Classroom Tech? Give Teachers More Time” by Bud Hunt, Teaching Ahead

A two-year program that costs about as much for a team of teachers as one day with most technology consultants, the DLC is an attempt to return the agency around teacher learning to the teacher. In the first year, we help team leaders to convene teams of teachers curious about exploring more of the technology around them. In that first year, we instruct our teachers not to race to implement new technology in the classroom; instead, we encourage them to take time to play and explore and wonder. Dig deep. Try something new. Fiddle with it for a while. Explore. Play. Experiment.

What does 2013 hold for technology in schools?” by Katharine Haber, Smart Blog on Education

To connect with those working on the front lines of education technology, SmartBrief on EdTech editor Katharine Haber asked readers about their thoughts on what 2013 will bring for technology in schools.

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