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Sometimes, when I look at the search terms people have used that bring them to this blog, I’m surprised.  Often, I’m not.  It’s usually a story title and an author name.  Today though, a user entered “does dave eggers use scrivener,” and I was blown away.  Not by the search query itself, but that someone cares to know this.  As everyone knows Dave Eggers uses Charlotte Bronte’s old feather quill from a Bourbon Crested Starling, which Eggers regularly dips into the left ear of Jonathon Safran Foer, after he consulted The Guidebook of the Barber Surgeons of York that stipulated the humors responsible for creativity, namely yellow bile, could be tapped in this manner.  If you like a product or an application and it works for you, then use it.  Also, you should download Scrivener for your PC and not your Mac, because Jerry uses one.

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