2666 – Part III – Update

Finished reading Part III of 2666 last night, “The Part About Fate.”  I really enjoyed it.  Surreal to say the least.  Fate is a reporter sent to cover a boxing match in Saint Teresa/Juarez.  The regular sports writer passed away, so Fate is out of his element and forced to go.  Internally struggling with the death of his mother, Fate is startled by the change of culture and landscape in Mexico.  He learns of all the young women being murdered and feels he should write about that, instead of the boxing match.

Fate’s experience in Saint Teresa continues to build the surreal, dreaming/nightmare mood that the preceding characters have all been oppressed by.  Rosa Amiltifano comes back into this story, and she and Fate’s lives are intertwined as seemingly friendly people turn into something more sinister.  Are these men the murders?  Is the whole city or a large population complicit in the killings?  The next section is “The Part About the Crimes.”  I have no idea what that section will be like, and who will turn up in the prose.

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