Rejected: Beloit Fiction Journal

A wisp of paper with words like, thank you, submission, and not right, tucked in an envelope with my handwriting on it leads me to believe the rejection letter is from an alternate Tim, a projection sitting behind a nondescript desk in a cramped office, whose goal is to sabotage my work with impersonal precision.

4 thoughts on “Rejected: Beloit Fiction Journal”

  1. >I am a poet who has been rejected by that journal. I used their electronic submission process and was shot down within 24 hours of submission. I did get a kind word about the first poem in the batch, which leads me to believe the reader didn't read the other two I submitted. It's a numbers game they say. It still hurts like hell when they say no, however. Now I laugh at it. I still have to write.

    1. For the record, I dunno about that. The BFJ is a fiction journal and doesn’t publish or even consider poetry. Or non-fiction. And they’ve never had an electronic submission process.

      I’m betting you meant the Beloit Poetry Journal. The two are not affiliated.

  2. >Thanks for the note. It is a numbers game and very subjective. It's always good to hear other people's stories. Good luck with your writing.

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