S— says, “avocadies” and “bluebrees,” for avocado and blueberries. She also mimicked me and said, “I know.”


Current words that S— says: Mama Dadoo Dog No Moo Roar Quack quack Cow Duck Shoe Eye A bite Night night Bye Apple Uh oh Choo-choo Boo Who-who (Owl noises)

A Few Attempts at Eating

We’ve started Michiko on solid foods, sort of. She’s experimenting with eating and having fun. So far, green beans are a favorite.

Sleep Training Meets Game of Thrones

Pretty sure Cersei Lannister used the cry-it-out method with Joffrey Lannister, while Lysa Tully used attachment parenting with Robert “Sweet Robin” Arryn.

What method did Catelyn Stark use for her children? Ferber?