I Like Learning, But MOOCs Are So Boring

Hi, I’m a statistic. I’m one of the many people who sign up for a MOOC, in this case, Introduction to Game Design, offered through EdX and then quit. I love learning, but it’s time to admit that MOOCs are seriously boring.

College Tuition Cost: MSRP vs Discounted Deal

Somewhere, banging about my brain (we’ll call it the annoying-clips-of-movies region) there’s a scene with a woman who has a drawn out accent saying, “I never pay retail.” I imagine her smoking a cigarette and being generally disinterested in both the conversation and the act of smoking. I share this detail, because in the conversation about the costs of college and whether or not college is “worth it,” one thing that seems to get less play is how much college actually costs. Read More »College Tuition Cost: MSRP vs Discounted Deal

Where Do We Learn?

Reflecting on teaching this semester and what I’ve learned throughout my life, a simple question came to mind: where do we learn? The quick answer may be school. But, it’s so much broader than school.