Official, Boring Third-Person Media Blurb

Tim Lepczyk is a Michigan writer living in Arkansas. Tim’s fiction and poems have been published in Toadsuck Review, Dunes Review, UCity Review, Aethlon, and Regarding Arts and Letters and his nonfiction has been nominated for a Pushcart Award. When he’s not writing, Tim also edits and publishes the literary magazine, Scintilla.

Unofficial Media Blurb Full of Lies and Half-Truths

Tim Lepczyk speaks one language well and two languages poorly. While living in Japan, he spilled coffee on Haruki Murakami while searching for a cat and provided the inspiration for Kafka on the Shore. Tim is a graduate of the University of Nebraska’s writing program and a staunch supporter of baked goods for breakfast. Recently, Tim started a storytelling series in Conway, Arkansas called Simply Said, but put it on pause due to becoming a dad. You can find him on twitter by following @thirdcoast and please note: he is not a giraffe.

Worky-Work, Job-Job

I’m the Director of Faculty Instructional Technology at Hendrix College, but hey, why don’t you hop on over to my C.V. if that’s your kind of thing. I write about higher ed, technology, and libraries at Eduhacker.