And, my main site was hacked. Deleted everything from that wordpress installation and got it back up and the rest of my sites reinstated.

Time for SSL?

Time to reduce these domains to subdomains instead of add-ons?

Time to pay for a service like SiteLock?

Two sites were hacked. Followed this guide and hoping for the best.


Watched Arrival tonight and I’m taking in the sadness of that film. It’s pretty heart-breaking and I’m curious about the short story. The movie is centered on Louise’s daughter and her death. The nonlinearness of the movie reminds me of something my two-year-old says. She says, “When I’m big and you’re little, I held you. I held you so tight. And I hold Mommy and when Grandma is little we all run.”

The first time she said something like this it struck me. There was something so beautiful and so sad in this idea. We’ll never be little children for her to play with or take care of. Time doesn’t allow us this flexibility of experience. We go forward. We move from today to tomorrow. Oh, to be a child and in your arms again.

Professor Caveman

“That’s my blood, not the deer’s,” said Eden Kloetzli, a senior at Washington College, in Maryland, as she gazed at the red liquid staining her palm. She and about a dozen other students were busy slicing and dicing four deer carcasses laid outside the school’s new archaeology laboratory. Making the task harder, the novice butchers were using tools that they had knapped themselves out of obsidian, basalt, and flint.

Digital Drawing with Photoshop and Wacom Tablets

Recently, I dug out my Wacom tablet and tried messing around with it. I bought it a few years ago for a design project and thought I’d use it more than I did. Digital drawing felt clunky too me and I was easily frustrated.

Basic sketch I made in Photoshop using the brush tool with pressure sensitive settings.


Colored areas with layers on top of the sketch and opacity between 40% and 60%.


The opacity is the same as the previous image, but this time the layers are underneath the sketch.

It seems like having the sketch on top of the colored areas provides more depth. Thoughts?

Who Needs Donuts (When You’ve Got Love?)

This was one of my favorite books as a kid. I remember puzzling over the bizarre and extremely detailed drawings again and again. The book slipped out of my memory for a while and didn’t re-enter until a conversation I had with my mom.

We were talking about children’s books in regard to my daughter. I ended up buying Who Needs Donuts online (thankfully it was re-printed in 2003). S— was also mesmerized by the artwork. We read it together last night. She wanted to know why the Sad Old Woman was so sad? Why the pigeons were part horse? Why did a bull run into a coffee tank? Why does Sam look like that? What are those people saying?

Each page brings more questions as you get drawn in to the frenetic intricacies. So, if you’re looking for a new kid’s book, check this one out. It’s great. For an interesting interview with the author / illustrator, read this.