Another 2 mile jog completed this morning. Felt easier physically, but a little more taxing mentally. Not sure why.

Time becomes different as a parent. Stella is six and a half weeks old. She changes each day. A weekend arrives, it’s like coming up for breath from the river of dog walks, work, dinner, a few hours in the evening together, and sleep. Then it’s the week again, a blur, moments strung together like blinking while riding the teacups at a fair: lights, people, movement, shut your eyes, a different snapshot, similar but not the same. It’s a pattern, a motion. What happened to this week? Where did it go? It’s in the yawns of a baby girl, the smell of laundry hung up to dry, walks when the sun is either rising or falling in the horizon.

Restarting Running

Day 2 of jogging yesterday, I completed 2 miles and was incredibly sore. Have another 2 mile jog tomorrow in 7 hours. Today, I actually felt pretty well, mild pain.

A new ritual I’m trying to start since being a parent is cleaning the kitchen before bed. My mom used to always do that and, now, when there is so little time for everything else it just seems to make sense. Makes life easier.

Silence Once Begun by Jesse Bell

This isn’t really a review, because I couldn’t get into the book. The format, initially, is interview transcripts. While the idea for the novel sounded interesting, the writing just didn’t pull me in. One contributing factor is my new role. I don’t have the time to invest in books that take work. Silence Once Begun took work and I borrowed it through interlibrary loan. Off it goes back to Tulane University.

This morning I jogged two miles. It was my first time out in months and first time exercising since becoming a dad. Now that we’re almost six weeks into parenthood it feels like we can begin to do a few more things other than feed ourselves, go to work, and keep up with chores. Feels good. Feels sustainable.

Last night taking the dog for a walk, the cicadas were so loud.

Books As Technology: IKEA vs Monks

IKEA created a clever ad comparing their catalog, the bookbook, (book technology) to that of a tablet / e-book. While this advertisement is funny, it’s even funnier when juxtaposed with this video of a medieval “help desk” as users make the shift from scrolls to books. What is this technology you call the book?


A reply on Twitter brought this video to my attention this morning.

Leaving work on Friday, I was greeted by this strange weather.