untitled poem 3

It’s not laziness, there is effortin remaining stilllegs not locked but loosearms rested but ready, unconsciouslyshifting weight, absorbing shockslike a sailor out to sea, or a commuterjostled over steel railswith a pulse steady as the… Read More »untitled poem 3

Write up on Jack Ridl

Though I’d pass along this write up about Jack Ridl. He’s an inspirational teacher, and along with Susan Atefat Peckham was a great mentor for me at Hope College.

Three-Minute Fiction

I just sent out five flash fiction pieces (four of them Donnie and Sam stories, the fifth a story about bread in Japan) to this contest through NPR.Wish me luck!

untitled poem 2

As a teenager, I drankhatred like an animalglutted at the streamits stomach distended. If I could hateyou, I wouldlet that feeling wash overdrown out the memories from a summer nightflights across the country, the comfortof… Read More »untitled poem 2