What Grade Do You Give Obama’s College Scorecard?

President's College Scorecard

If you tuned in to President Obama’s State of the Union speech, you may have heard the President mention a College Scorecard to help consumers make better informed choices. If you’ve visited the site, we want to hear from you.  Take five seconds and complete the survey or add your comment to the post.

What do you think of the new scorecard and how would you grade it’s effectiveness?
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A World Without School?

If you have any interest in technology and its impact on humanity, you have undoubtedly come across the idea of the singularity (if not, see here). I find the idea fascinating. As an educator, the singularity scares the hell out of me. As a science lover, I’m incredibly excited about the possibilities. The idea that at some point, in the not too distant future, we will have the capacity to mesh technology with humanity at a molecular level completely changes the way that we should think about learning and knowledge. Experiences and information can suddenly be processed and accessed in unique and unimaginable ways. If the singularity is to occur, I have no frame of reference to understand what impact it will have on me as a human. We cannot afford, though, to wait for that possibility before redefining our understanding of knowledge and learning; we have to have the conversation right now.
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Pre-K – 12 Teaching Tech Infographic

PBS Learning Media put together this infographic from their recent survey on how teachers use technology in the classroom. Teachers from pre-kindergarten through high school were surveyed. Source: via PBS on Pinterest

Thinking About the Future of Learning

Looking back, we could not have made more mistakes in the purchase of our first house. In a sequence of events that included making an offer on a house that we had only seen in the dark, covered in snow, in March of 2008, perhaps the greatest mistake we made was not considering the space that a future child would require. Throughout the house hunting process the idea of a child was far off. It was an eventuality that we would deal with some day. Now, as the idea of a second child is somehow emerging in casual conversation, I know that a discussion about more space will undoubtedly come about too.  Being proactive, last month I reached out to my realtor to begin the discussions; intent upon avoiding the pitfalls that I fell into in our first venture.

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Call for Contributors

We’re looking for a few great educators, librarians, technologists, and students to contribute to Eduhacker. I launched Eduhacker to give people involved with education and technology a place to share their experiences and learn from one another. While the site has built a dedicated following, it’s time to branch out.

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Coursera Starts Career Services

Who cares about accreditation if you can connect students with employers?

This afternoon, Coursera launched career services, “with the goal of helping Coursera students find great jobs.” It’s an opt-in service for registered students. Once logged in, students can list their status from “actively looking for a position,” “not looking, but open to hearing about possibilities,” to “not looking.”
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