Geography Intrudes

Marketplace recently did a story on massive online courses – nothing too earth shattering, but it did draw attention to the fact that some of the biggest players are for-profit companies. Companies that, in some… Read More »Geography Intrudes

Eduhacker Launched

I put together a new site called Eduhacker as a place for people to write and learn about educational technology, digital humanities, digital libraries, and random bits of geekery from working with technology. If you’re interested… Read More »Eduhacker Launched

Skills for Today’s English Major

Student studying outside.

It’s been eleven years since I completed my undergraduate education. The Internet had upended the music industry during that time, but not writing and publishing. The information economy was dwarfed by fears of Y2K, when airports would shutdown, power plants would go offline, and we’d all be waking up with a killer hangover. The term, web 2.0, did not yet exist.

I double majored in English with an emphasis on writing and Japanese Studies. My interest lay in writing and in that hallway of the humanities writing seemed more marketable than literature. Moreover, I viewed speaking Japanese as a key to a job either teaching or translating. There was no talk of online identities, social media, or content creation. Writing fell into the realm of fiction, poetry, essays, thought and research papers. The term content could easily be confused with the feeling I had reading fiction and writing short stories.Read More »Skills for Today’s English Major