The Pruwahaha Monster by Jean-Paul Mulders


There was a monster in the neighborhood who loved to eat children. But, try as it might it failed at it’s job. Maybe it was outsourced? The last sentence is not part of the story at all and would actually make this book funny if it were.


This is the first children’s illustrated by Jacques & Lise. I kind of like the artwork, but it also seems like it fills a current aesthetic. Without meaning to sound jerky, it seems like the artwork for cards sold on Etsy. Will it appeal to a group of young parents more than their children?

Reasons to Love

It will make your children frightened of human-eating scarves. They want to be around your neck.


The Pruwahaha Monster fell flat for me. The writing and illustrations don’t tell a compelling story. It seems overly frightening with little pay-off or explanation. Okay, it’s a scarf. I got that from the illustration. But, it’s just not that coherent.



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