Reply All Podcast Explores Racism at Colgate through Yik Yak

If you’re not familiar with Yik Yak, it’s the virtual bathroom stall on your college campus where students can anonymously write whatever they want. Typically, one sees posts or “yaks” about cute people, being tired, being drunk, being stressed, and so on. However, as written in The Huffington Post, The Chronicle’s Wired Blog, and Inside Higher Ed, racists posts spread on Yik Yak and some students were physically threatened. Professors staged a social-media takeover and tried to influence students and the tone on Yik Yak.

For more in-depth coverage and an update on how racism and Yik Yak currently converge at Colgate University, tune into the podcast below.

If you’ve tuned into Yik Yak on your college campus, what’s been your experience?

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  1. I spoke about my experience going and “peeking” (what Yik Yak calls it when you aren’t geographically near a place, but you look at the location-based chat that is occurring there) at my campus’ messages in a recent podcast episode:

    Our campus had some racially insensitive remarks posted on Yik Yak, after a speaker on diversity last year. However, most of what’s there now are either sexually-frustrated rants, or people venting about being tired or hungry.

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