Eliademy Jumps on Google’s Data Mining of Student Info

Before this morning, Eliademy wasn’t on my radar. I wrote a post about Google’s new app “Classroom” and wondered how it might be perceived by those who have privacy concerns. The blog post got repackaged as a tweet and suddenly, I got this response.

A quick search of Twitter shows mention of Google’s “Classroom” brings up lots of tweets from Sergey Gerasimenko, Cofounder of Eliademy, talking about Google’s continued use of student data.

According to Eliademy’s privacy page:

CBTec Ltd (owner of the Eliademy.com) is committed to protecting your privacy. This privacy policy describes how our service Eliademy.com collects and uses the personal information you provide on application and by using our service.

CBTec Ltd will never use your personal information in order to sell advertisements.

CBTec Ltd will never use your course content in any other purpose or claims any copyright on your content. The content that you include into the service is yours.

NSA monitoring, inBloom implosion, people are edgy about data and privacy. Google doesn’t use data from Apps for Education to tailor ads, but they’re still using the data. Will teachers and students be alright with Google’s data collection or will there be more distrust and a search for more secure solutions?

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