Using Google Voice With Students


Yesterday, at the UAMS Teaching with Technology Symposium, someone mentioned using Google Voice as a way to connect with students, without giving your personal phone number. With Google Voice you can connect a number of different phones to one number and they can all ring when someone’s trying to call you. Further, you can use the advanced settings to set when certain phones may accept calls.

Use cases

  • You’ve moved for your job, but have your old number. Give students and colleagues a local number to reach you without long distance charges.
  • Student trips where you need to give out your cell number in order to stay in contact. You can always change your Google Voice number later if you have privacy concerns.
  • International calls to colleagues when Skype or Hang Outs aren’t an option. The rates are extremely low and calling Canada looks to be free.
  • You’re adjuncting at multiple places and have two or more offices. Simplify by providing students one contact number.

For more details, I’ve linked to some Google Voice posts on Profhacker.

Do you use Google Voice? What’s been your experience?