Dropbox Space Race

It’s 2012 and the Space Shuttle Endeavour recently crawled through Los Angeles. Think the space race is over? Not according to Dropbox. The service launched a marketing strategy in the form of a contest aimed at higher education. The prize is more space in your Dropbox account for registering a verified .edu address. You’ll also gain more space for every person you refer. Don’t use your .edu email address for Dropbox? Don’t worry, you can sign in with your current account and verify your .edu address. Details can be found here. The rules state:

You must register for Space Race with an eligible school email address (if you have an existing Dropbox account you can still join)!
If you’ve signed up for Dropbox with a non-school email, no problem! You can verify your school account on the Space Race page.
Your school gets 1 point for each person who registers for Space Race and installs Dropbox on their computer (if they haven’t already).
Your school gets 2 more points for each person that goes through the Get Started guide (including you!)
Free Space!
Just by signing up, you get 3 GB for two years.
Each level your school achieves means more free space. That means the more classmates and friends you rally to Dropbox, the more space every Space Racer at your school gets, up to 25 GB for two years!
In addition to earning points, you’ll still get the normal 500 MB bonus for each referral.
You’ll have 8 weeks to get as many people as you can from your school signed up for Space Race!

One thing to consider is what happens when the two years expires and you’re over your storage limit? Think Dropbox will have a lot of users wishing to upgrade?

To sign up, visit this link. And of course, there’s a leader board.

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