Flickr Writing Exercise

Write something inspired by this picture.  Format of your choice and however long you write.  Here’s what I came up with.

Tim Lepczyk

Writer, Technologist, and Librarian.

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  1. Anonymous

    >I see naked trees planted parallel to a road, a old-fashioned bicycle and a snowy weather obstructing the view, though you can still discern a house at the very end of that road. I travel by foot mostly, and understand that this sort of weather would be extremely cold (with wind chills etc, snowsorm). Riding a bike definitely shortens the duration of the cold, though it increases the wind chill significantly (faster speed, faster wind, colder). One might believe the owner of the house chained the bike to the tree, but I disagree. A typical owner would have the bike nearby, not so far away. Perhaps the bike belongs to the photographer, but unlikely considering the old-fashioned model of the bike, and high-quality of the shot. In my opinion, the bike does not belong in this picture, logically there is no owner of the bike, and there is no reason for the bike to be there. This unreasonable position of the bike makes me uneasy. Photographer probably wanted to encapsulate a natural shot. In my view this bicycle makes this shot unnatural and artificial. There is no reason to ride a bike into this snowstorm, and no reason for it to be located so far from the house, on a random place along the trees.

  2. Tim

    >Thanks for sharing your writing.

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