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Review: Blankets – Craig Thompson

I’m surprised I hadn’t come across, Blankets, by Craig Thompson a few years back.  As far as the story goes, it’s a coming of age, love story that can be overbearingly sappy at times.  That sappiness though, comes from an outpouring of emotion and honesty from Thompson.

A poor kid with overly religious parents from rural Wisconsin, Thompson navigates through his love for and belief in Jesus, his desire to be an artist, his own sense of being an outsider, and the love he has for Raina his first girlfriend.  There are touching moments between Thompson and his younger brother as children, as well as disturbing glimpses of abuse and neglect.

The black and white artwork contrasts across the pages, and Thompson blends detailed drawings with the more vague images of childhood.  Perfect for teenagers, and young adults, Blankets is a wonderful graphic novel.