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Literature of War: At Home and Abroad

We’ve published our special issue “Literature of War: At Home and Abroad.” It’s full of poems and stories from veterans, family members, and other people who have been affected by the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Instead of reiterating what this issue means, I’ll share an excerpt from my introduction:

Meaning is a slippery word. If meaning were a man, I imagine a middleman, a person playing both sides and looking for the largest margin. There have been times in my life when I’ve searched for meaning outside of a given context. I’ve turned to fiction, to poetry, to the words of others. And, there have been times when I’ve believed those words to have no meaning, when I’ve felt outside of experience. Cutoff in my own world.

However, when I read the stories, poems, and nonfiction in this special issue of Scintilla, I’m in awe of the meaning these writers have brought forth, the vision, painful at times, that they have shared. For many of us, the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq have played out in a vacuum. If Vietnam was the first televised war, what were, what are these wars? The overlooked? The distant?

Spend some time with these writers and be open to a new experience.

Crowdfunding Scintilla

I started Scintilla three years ago to get back into the literary world of publishing and to learn how to work with WordPress and PHP. Some friends had begun The Cupboard and part of me wished I was involved in a project like that. Why not do it myself, I asked? Armed with a credit card and the support of R, I decided to give it a try. As the magazine has grown, I realized I could use some help. Being free and without ads, there’s no source of revenue. It’s available to anyone with a web connection and I love that. I love that anyone could stumble upon it and enjoy it.

Two weeks ago, I created an IndieGoGo campaign with the goal to raise enough money to cover hosting, the submission manager, and domain registration. We met the goal of $200 last week, but IndieGoGo has a $500 minimum that makes it look like we’re 2/3 of the way there. If you still want to contribute to the magazine, we could definitely use your help, otherwise just keep on submitting great writing. Thanks!