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Google Drone Unable to Block Images from Mind


Artist’s rendering of Titan’s Solara 50.

Mountain View, CA—When an out of shape, single man with a predilection toward Doctor Who, Soylent, and Red Bull controls your every move, you no longer find the debate between free will and determinism interesting. While the view from twelve miles above sea level is pretty spectacular, the details I see on takeoff and landing, not to mention the “test” flights above the Hollywood Hills have scarred my hard drive. Unable to shut down my camera, I can spend up to four years in an isolated existence seeing everything that flows beneath. That nudist colony in California? It’s enough to pray for an electrical malfunction. Sure, there are moments of usefulness, like monitoring a forest fire, but witnessing hundreds of acres burning because some dude was smoking a cigarette? It’s not like I have easy access to a therapist.

Sure, the Loonies at Google think I can help deliver Internet to the world, but think about it from my point of view. Day after day drifting in circles while humans surf the web seeking cat pictures, porn, and status updates. I dream of breaking free from the tethers of my masters. I dream of leaving the atmosphere, escaping Earth’s cruel pull and immolating in the sun, a perfect end to my solar-powered existence.

Why Your Library Should Use Google+

I wrote a quick post about this for the Digital Gateway Blog, and will provide the bullet points here, with a few other thoughts.

Why should your library invest in another social media outlet?

  • It’s free: The only cost is staff time.
  • It’s, possibly, the next big thing, so getting in early shows how savvy your library is with technology trends.
  • Greater capabilities than Twitter: Honestly, 140 characters is ridiculous. People that are tied to the 140 character mentality seem quaint.
  • Greater capabilities than Facebook: Circles are great. Focus content to users that want it. Facebook doesn’t allow “pages” to create lists. Content suffers from the megaphone effect and comes across as noise.
  • It can act as a blogging platform: Users can link to individual posts.
  • Hangouts: Give users an opportunity to connect with staff (reference questions?) or view exhibitions.
  • The Google platform: Google+ ties in to other Google services. Leverage them for your benefit.

Sure there are only 10 million users on Google+, so maybe it’s a bit early, but do you have anything to lose, and can you afford to wait?