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Another 2 mile jog completed this morning. Felt easier physically, but a little more taxing mentally. Not sure why.

Restarting Running

Day 2 of jogging yesterday, I completed 2 miles and was incredibly sore. Have another 2 mile jog tomorrow in 7 hours. Today, I actually felt pretty well, mild pain.

A new ritual I’m trying to start since being a parent is cleaning the kitchen before bed. My mom used to always do that and, now, when there is so little time for everything else it just seems to make sense. Makes life easier.

This morning I jogged two miles. It was my first time out in months and first time exercising since becoming a dad. Now that we’re almost six weeks into parenthood it feels like we can begin to do a few more things other than feed ourselves, go to work, and keep up with chores. Feels good. Feels sustainable.

One thing I was unprepared for in fatherhood is all the trips up and down the stairs. Going to set up a downstairs diaper changing area.