Current words that S— says:

  • Mama
  • Dadoo
  • Dog
  • No
  • Moo
  • Roar
  • Quack quack
  • Cow
  • Duck
  • Shoe
  • Eye
  • A bite
  • Night night
  • Bye
  • Apple
  • Uh oh
  • Choo-choo
  • Boo
  • Who-who (Owl noises)

Moby Dick. Ugh.

I started reading Moby Dick in June and began renovating our house in July. Sadly, I finished Moby Dick first. For some people, I’m sure me disliking Moby Dick is similar to a person giving the Grand Canyon a one-star review on Yelp.

The first 200-400 pages were funny and enjoyable. The 3000 page Wikipedia article on whaling put me to sleep, much like the characters in Bone. The final 50 pages are worth reading, but could still be condensed.

And so, I have defeated Moby Dick and am still alive to tell the tale. I can’t wait to read something else. Suggestions?


First day back doing personal training. Going to be sore tomorrow. Feels great to be back at the gym though.

The Hood Is Up

It’s not vented outside yet, but the hood is installed and our kitchen feels that much more complete.


Tile Is Up

Today, while home with a sick S—, Gene tiled the rest of the wall. Brackets are in for the open shelves. Next up, after grouting, is to install the hood.


Backsplash Started

Last week saw another call to the plumbers regarding their work, removal of the bathroom floor (Thank you, David), countertops being installed, and lost dishwasher parts. Today, some tile went up on the kitchen walls and it’s looking good.

Subway tile waits to be grouted.

NY Times: Airbnb Horror Story

Early in the evening of July 4, Micaela Giles’s mobile phone started sounding alerts, and a series of messages straight out of a horror movie began scrolling down her screen.

Her 19-year-old son told her that his Airbnb host in Madrid had locked him in the fourth-floor apartment where he was supposed to be staying and removed the key. The host was still there, he said, rattling knives around in the kitchen drawer and pressing him to submit to a sexual act. He begged his mother for help.