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Story for Writing Group

I’ve been a slacker.  At least, in regard to writing something new for my writing group.  The deadline seemed far away; I thought I had plenty of time.  Now, I have two days before sending my story along.  Instead of writing something new, I’m going to dig out a rough draft of a story I wrote in Knoxville and revise it.  Think it has potential.


Our writing group meets for the first time in two weeks.  Before we meet, I need to email a story to the members.  Goal for the week: write a rough draft.  Have no idea what to write about, but hopefully something will come when I sit down at the computer.

Forming a Writing Group

So, the hard part is done, you’ve found some writers whose work and advice you respect.  You’ve all decided to start meeting.  Now what?

I have some ideas, but I’d like to hear from other people.  Have you been part of an informal writing group?  What was it like?  What worked well, and where did the group struggle?  What did you want to get out of the group?