Sketch of Night

The windows glow in blue flashesbright white mutedby frequency, not curtainsor haphazard mini-blinds. The neighborhood resembles a stringof malfunctioning Christmas lights,the trees bare,as people sit in darkened roomswaiting for the next burstto stream across their… Read More »Sketch of Night

Sketch of a poem

The scratches in the brown backof the leather chairwill always be therea testament to the chaosof coastersshielding the coffee table from concentric ringsmoments mapped in the finishthe repetitiveness of a mug in the cornerthe allure… Read More »Sketch of a poem

Write Leaf

Write Leaf Take off the headphonesfor there is the dry rustle of leaveslike layers of fabric fallingcolliding, pooling in pilesaround the base of the ginkoslike golden skirts from a sleepy lady’s curtsyspilled low across the… Read More »Write Leaf

untitled poem 3

It’s not laziness, there is effortin remaining stilllegs not locked but loosearms rested but ready, unconsciouslyshifting weight, absorbing shockslike a sailor out to sea, or a commuterjostled over steel railswith a pulse steady as the… Read More »untitled poem 3