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Review: The Walking Dead, Book Three (HC) – Robert Kirkman

One thing I’ve noticed with Robert Kirkman’s writing is that he seems to mostly portray female characters in fairly stereotypical roles.  For the most part, they are nurturers with whom the male characters have sex and protect.  Looking at the female characters from the first three hardcover books it becomes evident that Kirkman either can’t write women well, or is catering to his audience.

Lori is a wife and mother who spends most of the time worrying about Rick and upset he is gone.
Carol is a mother and domestic type who tries to commit suicide when she’s cheated on.
Andrea could be seen as a trophy wife type. She begins a relationship with Dale, who is many years older, mainly to use him for his R.V.
Amy, Andrea’s sister, is eaten by zombies.
Donna is another housewife/mother, but she is portrayed as the overbearing controlling wife who makes all the decisions for her husband, Dale.
Julie is a long stricken teenager who dies in a suicide pact gone wrong.
Lacey is portrayed as the unattractive, bitter, young woman and she quickly gets eaten by zombies.
Maggie comes across as a nymphomaniac.
Rachel is a minor character that gets killed.
Susie suffers the same fate as Rachel.
Patricia is written as a naive woman who can’t adjust to current circumstance.
Michonne is very unrealistic hero type.  She survives on her own, has a samurai sword, is a weight lifter, and a seductress.

I still enjoyed The Walking Dead, but am not in a rush to get the next volumes, there are more interesting things to read at the moment, like the end of 2666.

Review: The Walking Dead, Book Two (HC) – Robert Kirkman

While I still enjoyed reading The Walking Dead, it seemed like the writing suffered some in this volume.  There are rough transitions between scenes, and I asked myself if I missed something?  Were the pages glued together?  Nope, Kirkman’s writing is loose and he forces the reader to fill in gaps.  Overall, still a fun series.

Review: The Walking Dead, Book One – Robert Kirkman

I’d heard of The Walking Dead, but haven’t read any comics for quite a few years.  My source for comic books had always been my childhood friend who now co-owns Top Comics.  Throughout college and those years between degrees, he’d fill up a long box of comics when I was home and sort it according to: titles I like to read, titles I should read, superhero comics, and random titles that he didn’t care whether I read or not.  My guess is The Walking Dead would be in the “titles I should read.”  It’s fast paced and gritty, but it also has good timing in terms of action and drama.

If you’re wondering what it’s like, just imagine Cormac McCarthy re-wrote The Road but with zombies.  Read it, enjoy it, and remember gunshots only attract more zombies.