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The Second Bakery Attack – Murakami Movie

I’m surprised there’s going to be a short film based on Murakami’s short story “The Second Bakery Attack” from his collection The Elephant Vanishes.  Love the story, but it seems weird for there to be a film.

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Read the story here along with another favorite “On seeing the 100% perfect girl one beautiful April morning.”  If you enjoyed the stories, then thank the academics who believe they take authors work and freely publish them online for anyone to read.

Pentimento – St. Louis Storymapping Project

Last week, I attended the author party for StudioSTL, where young writers showcased their work, everyone celebrated, and videos from the St. Louis Storymapping Project were shown.  I wasn’t able to watch all of the videos that night, but now they’re being shown online.  The videos push out the voices of the young people who produced, recorded, and edited the work and the community members whom the students interviewed.  At times they reminded me of an episode of This American Life.  They are full of energy, raw, and wonderful.

Deadline Woes

Great video on how sticky note deadlines can take over your life.

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