Quoth the Raven

Are our overwhelmed, besieged, haphazardly recruited, variably trained, underpaid, not-so-elite teachers, in fact, the potential weak link in Amplify’s bid to disrupt American schooling? Klein said that we have 3.5 million elementary- and middle-school teachers. “We have to put the work of the most brilliant people in their hands,” he said. “If we don’t empower them, it won’t work.” Behind the talking points and buzz words, what I heard him saying was Yes. New York Times, “No Child Left Untableted.”

The kite, before becoming a toy in Europe toward the end of the eighteenth century, in the Far East symbolized the soul of its owner resting on the ground outside his body, but magically bound (in reality by the cord to which the kite is fastened) to the fragile paper framework at the mercy of the eddying currents of air. p 59