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Can the Humanities Survive the 21st Century? – Yes, But Where

This article from the Chronicle of Higher Education is another stone thrown at the humanities.  Can’t you picture the humanities?  They’re like that scrubby kid who is always picked last.  Amongst the prestige of economists and lawyers, and the practicality of degrees focused on healthcare and information technology, the humanities look like what they always have been: a luxury for those who can afford it.

For those graduating with degrees in history, literature, and philosophy, it’s hard to find a job.  Or, phrased differently, it’s hard to find a job which makes 4+ years studying English at university worth it.

In the article, Frank Donoghue, says there will be a place for the humanities, that they will survive; however, that place will not be in the university.  This seems reasonable.  Universities have changed.  The focus is now on creating a workforce, not well rounded individuals.  There will always be people who write, create art, discuss ideas.  The question is, where?