Independent Study

Independent Study: Videogame Theory & Interactive Fiction

This week’s reading list includes the following: The Chemistry Of Game Design by Daniel Cook, published by Gamasutra. The Digital & Tabletop Convergence by Jon Shafer, published by Gamasutra. Applying Abstract Models to Game Design by Joshua Starner, published by Gamasutra.

Raph Koster’s Theory of Fun Revisted

One of the assignments for the independent study I’m mentoring on video game theory and interactive fiction was to watch this talk by Raph Koster. Koster’s talk fit nicely with our reading of Caillios’ Man, Play, and Games, but tied those ideas with research from cognitive and evolutionary psychology. It’s a wonderful talk that combines game design, narrative, and science. Highly recommend it.
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Wonderfully snarky line from First Person: Outside academic theory people are usually excellent at making distinctions between narrative, drama, and games. If I throw a ball at you I don’t expect you to drop it… Read More »

Show me a medium not suited to storytelling: it is probably a completely useless one. ~ Espen Aarseth, First Person.

Pretty tired of all the references to “lotteries” in Man, Play, and Games.