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Adventures: Return from Iceland

We flew in last night through a thunder storm, and finally reached our apartment around 10:30 pm.  It was roughly twenty hours of travel time from when we left the Capital Inn in Reykjavík and made it back to St. Louis.

I’ll have a more thorough post later about the wonderful trip and travelling in Iceland.  For now though, we’re happy to have tasty, affordable food; the peace of home, and the happy greetings from Auggie dog.

Adventures: Iceland

We leave for Iceland on Friday morning.  It seems like a long time ago when the idea of travelling came up.  Now, there are suitcases, packs, and camping gear strewn around the apartment.  Hostels have been booked, tickets purchased, and plans have been slightly dusted in volcanic ash.

It’s a strange trip to pack for as we are camping and hiking around the island, as well as spending time in Reykjavik.  It seems difficult to pack light as there’s so much to bring.  My fear is in the forgotten, that item I’ll be able to picture so well, left back home on the dining room table.  A camera perhaps?  Or, maybe a sleeping bag?

Tonight though, we’ll lay it all out, consult our Google doc of stuff to bring, and hope there are no more trips to REI.

Goals: Travel Overseas

R and I have been talking and one goal we both have is a trip somewhere cool.  India?  Chile?  Turkey?  Still planning, still scheming.  Any suggestions for great places to travel?

Goals: Spend More Time Outside

St. Louis isn’t the best for people that like the outdoors.  This goal could be a little more challenging, but I need to make an effort to go hiking, camping and fishing this year.

Goals: Stay Active

People always have goals to get in shape or be healthy.  I’m usually pretty good about exercising, but need to recommit to a plan.  The MS150 was a great goal for 2009.  I don’t have an activity to train for, but would like to keep riding my bike, go back to the boxing gym, start jogging and continue weight lifting.

Goals: Learn How to Program in Ruby

I’m not into New Year’s resolutions.  If you want to do something, then do it.  Don’t wait for New Year’s to think about it.  What’s different for me is that my birthday falls around New Year’s, so I tend to think of the next year in regard to that.

Goal number one for this year is: learn how to to program in Ruby.  Lofty, but doable.  Right?