Day 2 at the gym

Steps are my new bane.  After the second day back at the boxing gym, and countless forms of lunges and squats, sometimes with weights, other times without, my legs have stiffened up into appendages that… Read More »Day 2 at the gym

Sunday Ride

Went for a lazy ride on Sunday.  First one since the MS150.  This is the map as well as I can remember.<p><a href=”″>2009-10-12 Route</a><br/><a href=””>Find more Bike Rides in St Louis, Missouri</a></p>

At That Moment

It’s a Thursday morning and the sky is blotted out by layers of rain clouds.  They are dense, nebulous, consuming.  The streetlights are still on, their sensors fooled by the dark clouds and downpour.  Water… Read More »At That Moment