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Finally, went jogging for the first time in months!

First day back doing personal training. Going to be sore tomorrow. Feels great to be back at the gym though.

Another 2 mile jog completed this morning. Felt easier physically, but a little more taxing mentally. Not sure why.

Commuter Bike

My mountain bike, which I’ve used as a commuter bike for years, has worn out its welcome.  Looking for a replacement, something light, durable, fast, and fun.  That removes a lot of so-called commuter/city bikes, as the components seem cheap, and the geometry uninspiring.  I tested the Kona Dew and the Giant Seek 2 tonight.  The Dew was terrible.  Shifting the bike it seemed like something would break a few months down the road.  The Seek was better, but hydraulic disk brakes are overkill, and the SRAM shifters were really weird/uncomfortable.

I had thought about trying the Specialized Sirrus, but now am leaning toward a cyclocross bike instead.

Goals: Stay Active

People always have goals to get in shape or be healthy.  I’m usually pretty good about exercising, but need to recommit to a plan.  The MS150 was a great goal for 2009.  I don’t have an activity to train for, but would like to keep riding my bike, go back to the boxing gym, start jogging and continue weight lifting.

St. Louis: Not Bike Friendly

Whenever I bike in St. Louis there’s always a certain amount of trepidation.  Who’s going to be a jerk this time, and what are they going to do?  Those are two questions I have in mind and I mentally prepare to deal with people yelling at me, honking, driving too close on purpose, anything to give me the message, “You’re not welcome here.”

If you disagree, I suggest spending time in Minneapolis or Toronto, two truly bike friendly cities where commuting by bicycle is a normal event.  Bike lanes are clearly marked.  Motorists respect cyclist’s rights to be on the road.  Overall, it’s a positive experience.

For St. Louis to encourage cycling, there needs to be a change in attitude.  Here and there a cyclist will find a bike lane, but often it continues for a few blocks, then disappears.  More often, a cyclist will find poorly maintained roads filled with broken glass, debris, and rude drivers.  One group that’s trying to change the culture of biking in St. Louis is the Saint Louis Regional Bike Federation.  Check them out and add your support to cycling in STL.

On the Path Again

Last year was my summer of cycling, with a ride planned each weekend as long as the weather held.  This year, between poor weather, summertime colds, moving, vacation, and bike expenditures, not much cycling has happened.  Just in time for the second or third day of fall, Ruthann and I will be taking a ride on the Riverfront Trail (  Weather is perfect.  Leaves are close to turning.  Bikes are ready.  See you out there!