Digital Humanities

Austin College Digital Humanities Colloquium Wrap-up

Written by Matthew Windsor, Visiting Librarian at Hendrix College.

Austin College Humanities Division faculty recently hosted a Digital Humanities Colloquium, bringing together digital media experts from around the country (and Hong Kong) to facilitate a discussion on the intersection of the digital world with the humanities. For those of you who were unable to attend I have assembled a few of the highlights of the conference. This is by no means an exhaustive reference, but rather an aggregation of links and main points of the lectures.
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Cultivating Prosumers: A Dispatch from Intro to DH

We are now three weeks into our intro to dh course! I appreciated this comment from my first blog post introducing the series:

“This is pretty exciting – I look forward to seeing how the course moves forward. I’m also very interested to hear what the students expect from the course, and how that lines up with what we expect them to expect from the course.”

It made me think of the engaging conversations I’ve enjoyed with Carla Martin over the past few months about pedagogy and inclusiveness. One of my major takeaways from those conversations is the idea of building a shared understanding in the classroom collectively, rather than simply relying on students’ previously acquired knowledge, which is something that can marginalize different students for a variety of reasons.

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Welcome to Intro to DH!

Hi! I’m Caro Pinto and I’m the Critical Social Inquiry Librarian at Hampshire College in Amherst Massachusetts. I think of myself as a five-tool librarian (a baseball metaphor there – go Red Sox!) who oversees collections, teaches research education classes, pushes the boundaries of technology in libraries, wrangles workflows, and meets with rad students. I’m also a digital humanities (DH) enthusiast who is committed to bringing DH ideas and practices into the classrooms at Hampshire College. As a faculty-staff associate, I have the opportunity to teach semester long courses at the College; this semester, I have the pleasure of co-teaching Hampshire’s Intro to Digital Humanities course with history professor Jim Wald. It’s a unique set-up having a librarian/technologist collaborating with a faculty member, a model worth considering as classes move out of the seminar/lecture model. Throughout the semester, I’ll be sharing dispatches from CSI-267, starting with these reflections from our first session on Wednesday 23 January:
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