Dad On His Feet

I'll be a new father in August. The clock already started.

Two Nights Home

stella sleepingBoth time and sleep seem to work in new ways. I don’t even know what time it is anymore. We get up. Or, R gets up and I’m vaguely aware she’s with Michiko. Or, I get up. The baby bounces and rocks. Feeds and sleeps. Cries if she’s too cold during a diaper change. All the while, Auggie snoozes in his bed watching with one eye open.

Michiko┬áhad her first doctor’s appointment and everything was fine. I have a new understanding for the slowness and production level of loading a newborn into the car. This afternoon she’s mostly slept. A little 8.4 pound baby snoozing on my chest while we watched a movie. It’s wonderful.

The Long Awaited Breakfast
I felt guilty eating eggs with runny yolks in front of R while she was pregnant. For the first breakfast home, the wait was finally over.

Think this is my first swaddling success. Pajamas underneath helped.


Baby was born yesterday. Everything went smoothly. Hard to describe the feeling. We’re all just super happy and will be heading home soon.


We’re still waiting for that little baby to be born. It’s now three days past her due date and a strange mix of anticipation and frustration fills the space between sentences and sits heavy on the changing table. It could happen today, or tomorrow, or the day after, or the day after that.

Operating Instructions, Anne Lamott

Operating InstructionsA friend gave us this book as we’re expecting our first baby. Anne Lamott’s Operating Instructions was a joy to read. The memoir recounts her first year as a single mom, the highs and lows are described with honesty, humor, and heartache. While this book is about her and her son, Sam, it’s also about her friend, Pam, and how life doesn’t stop just because something good is happening to you.

I feel like this book works on three levels. It’s about being a new mother, but it’s also about faith and spiritually, as well as dealing with a friend’s cancer. God is central to Lamott’s life and that belief provides a place of strength and shelter.

The book is disarming and very funny. My wife and I read it aloud to each other over the past few months and it was wonderful to share. Thankfully, it’s not a parenting book. Instead, it’s a glimpse into parenting and the life of a single mom.

From Home Office to Baby Nursery

At the end of May, we began work on transforming R’s office into Baby X’s new nursery. The semester was finished and August 1st seemed so far away.

This was one of the few rooms we didn't paint when we bought the house. We knew it would eventually be the babies room and endured the green walls.

This was one of the few rooms we didn’t paint when we bought the house. We knew it would eventually be the baby’s room and endured the green walls.