Dad On His Feet

I'll be a new father in August. The clock already started.

This morning I jogged two miles. It was my first time out in months and first time exercising since becoming a dad. Now that we’re almost six weeks into parenthood it feels like we can begin to do a few more things other than feed ourselves, go to work, and keep up with chores. Feels good. Feels sustainable.

She’s finally asleep. Tonight’s been a lot of crying. Now, Stella’s asleep in this little thing. R is asleep. I’m the only one awake. Listening to the rain beat down on the roof.


Last night this little girl did not want to go to sleep.

A List of Firsts

  • First bath.
  • First nail trim.
  • First lick by the dog.
  • First visit to Hendrix.
  • First hug by grandparents.
  • First visit to the pediatrician.
  • First day alone with Mom.

I’m sure there are many other firsts, but these are a few that were on my mind. Everything is new.

I surrender…to sleep.


One thing I was unprepared for in fatherhood is all the trips up and down the stairs. Going to set up a downstairs diaper changing area.