Dad On His Feet

I'll be a new father in August. The clock already started.

Latest parenting challenge: getting baby to drink from a bottle. It’s been a struggle. She took to it right away, then we travelled for a few days with no bottle-feeds, and now it’s like she’s a mini Bartleby, the Scrivener. She’d prefer not to.

We thought about capturing the headlines from Michiko’s birth, the current events playing out. But we didn’t. Or, at least, we haven’t. There’s no Apollo moon landing. There are riots in Ferguson, Missouri. There is war, there is always war, in the Middle East. Executions. Ebola. War in Ukraine. To say, this is the time in which you were born, seems wrong. To welcome this new life into our lives, to bring her into the world, I want the world to match how I feel. That moment of witnessing life being born is amazing. While all of these events are happening across the world, it’s the media perspective. If I could record the headlines from individual lives, what would they look like?

“Stranger held the door open for me.”

“My son made it safely to Alaska; sleeping well now.”

“Kissed him for the first time. Still smiling.”

“Watched the sunset in Yosemite.”

“Road my bike without training wheels!”

“Fell in love.”


Those are the headlines I want to capture. Sure, they also skew toward a certain perspective, but it’s one I want to see. The small triumphs of everyday people. The personal stories. The ups, and the downs, as well.

Time becomes different as a parent. Michiko is six and a half weeks old. She changes each day. A weekend arrives, it’s like coming up for breath from the river of dog walks, work, dinner, a few hours in the evening together, and sleep. Then it’s the week again, a blur, moments strung together like blinking while riding the teacups at a fair: lights, people, movement, shut your eyes, a different snapshot, similar but not the same. It’s a pattern, a motion. What happened to this week? Where did it go? It’s in the yawns of a baby girl, the smell of laundry hung up to dry, walks when the sun is either rising or falling in the horizon.

Restarting Running

Day 2 of jogging yesterday, I completed 2 miles and was incredibly sore. Have another 2 mile jog tomorrow in 7 hours. Today, I actually felt pretty well, mild pain.

A new ritual I’m trying to start since being a parent is cleaning the kitchen before bed. My mom used to always do that and, now, when there is so little time for everything else it just seems to make sense. Makes life easier.

This morning I jogged two miles. It was my first time out in months and first time exercising since becoming a dad. Now that we’re almost six weeks into parenthood it feels like we can begin to do a few more things other than feed ourselves, go to work, and keep up with chores. Feels good. Feels sustainable.