Day 8: Time for Social Media Distancing

As we can no longer physically be together, social media is bringing some people together. But, what’s that space look like? Is it full of happiness and good vibes or people expressing their anxiety through posts and news articles?

I’m trying to be more deliberate with viewing social media and the news. I don’t need a rambling Trump campaign rally everyday during a pandemic. And, as I process this experience, I can’t process the deluge of other people’s grief, anger, and anxiety.

Instead, I’ve been calling friends on the phone in the evenings when I have a moment. And, if you’ve gotten one of those calls you know the moment is when it’s my turn to clean the kitchen and not put the kids to bed.

So, if you want to chat, give me a call.

Today feels more doable than yesterday. Even in a pandemic, Mondays suck.

We went for a snowy walk in the afternoon.

The kids are playing in another fort. The days are spent building forts. We build them, they collapse, we build them again.

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