Day 2: Love in the Time of Coronavirus

Working from home with the kids was rough. We’re trying to get them playing more independently instead of both of us scrambling to be in Zoom meetings and putting on Netflix. There’s nothing definitive, but it sounds like this could go on for two months.

The kids are building a castle out of blocks right now and playing with Elsa and Anna figures.

Everything feels unsettled. What’s the new normal? What’s important? I think about the billions of dollars companies made in the past twenty years and maybe now is the time they plow that money back into their workers.

My biggest pet-peeve currently are the posts from people who are like: now is the perfect time to teach your kids Spanish or create wonderful memories baking bread.

Many people are stuck balancing work with childcare. We can’t teach our kids Mandarin. We’re just trying to make sense of all this.

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