Cibola Burn by James Corey

Cibola Burn


  1.   A disease that affects readers of James Corey’s fourth book in The Expanse series. Symptoms include brain liquefaction from cliche, female characters who seem to only have crushes on men and are too distracted to do science; pointless plot protrusions; two-dimensional disorder, and death-sluggishness.

  2.    The feeling of being taken in, ripped off, or generally deceived that James Corey’s fourth book in The Expanse series will be worth reading.

If you’re curious about reading what happens in this series, check the book out of your local public library (do not buy it) and read the prologue and the final chapter of the book. The rest is a pointless meditation on writing hundreds of pages of filler to fulfill a publishing deadline or to make a buck off of fans. This book is terrible.

I’ve heard the fifth book is good, but I have to take a break from this series as my disappointment and disgust have almost ruined it for me.

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