Can You Find My Robot’s Arm by Chihiro Takeuchi

What does amputation mean for a robot? If robots dream of electric sheep, do they also experience PTSD and suffer the pain of phantom limbs? Luckily, for children, Chihiro Takeuchi asks and answers none of those questions in her light-spirited book, Can You Find My Robot’s Arm? Instead, a robot loses his arm and his small robot buddy tries to help him find a replacement.

Some mornings, after a long night out on the town, a robot wakes up and is like, damn, where’s my arm!

I really like the artwork in this book. Everything is a silhouette. I’m not sure if it’s cut paper or drawn, but it’s cool. I’ll share a few more images that I enjoyed from the book.

Organic matter is not a suitable replacement. Exterminate, exterminate!

Little Buddy, that’s a fish bone, not an arm!

Dude, that’s a picture of an arm!

If you like robots, have tiny humans that enjoy books, and you like the cool artwork and it’s fun negative space, check out Can You Find My Robot’s Arm.

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