Muzzleloader Enthusiast Injures No One in Attempted Mass Shooting


Pictures from Samuel Marsh’s Facebook account show the shooter posing with firearms.

Broadview, TN—Samuel Marsh, a local muzzleloader enthusiast, was subdued in the Mossy Fern Shopping Center by a store greeter on Monday afternoon in what police describe as a “failed mass shooting.” Armed with a flintlock musket, the shooter was able to get one shot off, which went wide, before Allen Deardolf, 78, tackled the gunman as he tried to load powder from his powder horn and tamp a lead ball in place.

“Obviously, this could have been a tragic situation,” said Sheriff Donna Grassly.

The lead musket ball struck a box of peanuts in a Five Guys Burger and Fries. One person was taken to the hospital for asthma treatment. Marsh is due to appear in court later this month.





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